Summary: Memorandum of Demands

On the 1st of August 2018, women and gender non-conforming people (GNC) from all over South Africa will shut down the country and march in protest against gender-based violence. Lesotho and Botswana will also form part of the mass action.

This document sets out our list of demands to the state. It’s an initial set of of twenty four demands that represent each year that the state has failed to ensure our right to be free from violence since the establishment of our constitutional democracy.

We believe that an integrated approach to fight against the gender based violence (GBV) scourge, where different arms of government work together, has the ability to ensure better protection for women.

We understand that different arms of government have different powers and functions, it is not the intention of our memorandum to comprehensively set out which entity must do what. Our aim is to demand that the state must do everything within its powers, to enable us to realise our right to be free from violence, whether it emanates from public or private sources.

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