Police stats 2017/18: increase in murder rates & sexual offences

13 September 2018

The increase in the murder rate of womxn and children, including the increase in sexual offences in the 2017/18 financial year as announced by the South African Police Service (SAPS), is proof that South Africa is in a crisis and our safety is not guaranteed. Continue reading “Police stats 2017/18: increase in murder rates & sexual offences”

Summary: Memorandum of Demands

On the 1st of August 2018, women and gender non-conforming people (GNC) from all over South Africa will shut down the country and march in protest against gender-based violence. Lesotho and Botswana will also form part of the mass action.

This document sets out our list of demands to the state. It’s an initial set of of twenty four demands that represent each year that the state has failed to ensure our right to be free from violence since the establishment of our constitutional democracy.

We believe that an integrated approach to fight against the gender based violence (GBV) scourge, where different arms of government work together, has the ability to ensure better protection for women.

We understand that different arms of government have different powers and functions, it is not the intention of our memorandum to comprehensively set out which entity must do what. Our aim is to demand that the state must do everything within its powers, to enable us to realise our right to be free from violence, whether it emanates from public or private sources.

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Media Advisory

25 July 2018

On the 1st of August, women and gender non-conforming people will be marching across the country under the banner of #TheTotalShutdown: Intersectional women’s march against gender-based violence.

Over the last two months, the movement has been able to mobilise more than 100 000 intersectional women and gender non-conforming individuals to form part of this mass action.

Femicide and gender-based violence continue to rise in this country and a comprehensive plan is needed to deal with it.

Members of the media are invited to a press briefing that will outline the national plan for 01 August 2018. At the briefing, we will also release the framework of the demands that will be handed over to the President at the Union buildings, the Speaker of Parliament in Cape Town and to the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein.

The NGO sector will also be present to give their messages of support to the movement.

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01 August Protest Action

On the 1st of August, kicking off the start of Women’s Month in South Africa, intersectional women from all corners of the country and beyond are asked to participate in protest action against Gender-Based Violence. On this day womxn are asked to:

  • Stay away from work and march, and for those who must absolutely work request relief to stop work at 13h00 until 13h30 to observe a moment in solidarity as we observe and mourn the lives that have been lost due to gender-based violence and femicide.
  • In addition, refrain from all economic activities – do not buy anything on that day unless absolutely necessary.


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